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What are Veho Doorstep Pickups?

In collaboration with Loop’s returns platform, Veho Doorstep Pickup offers a cost-neutral way to provide your customers a seamless returns process that drives customer retention, loyalty, and revenue.

Here’s how it works


Choose Veho Doorstep Pickup

Customer submits their return via the existing Loop portal and sees the option to select Veho Doorstep Pickup.


Select a date

Customer selects their desired pickup date. On that day, we’ll text them a 4-hour pickup window as a reminder.


Add additional information

Customers can select between a direct handoff with the driver or provide specific details for a contactless pickup.


Veho picks up return

A driver completes the pickup and returns it to the Veho warehouse to be packaged, labeled, and handed off to the appropriate carrier to return to the retailer warehouse.

Why customers love Doorstep Pickup

No printing labels, no packing boxes, and most importantly, no leaving the house.

By simplifying the tedious task of returning something, 80% of customers say they would be more likely to shop at a brand that offers doorstep pickups vs one that doesn’t.

Why brands love Doorstep Pickup

A cost neutral option that provides a premium customer experience.

Without customers putting off returns until the last minute, you’ll see an improvement in your resale speed.

When returning is easy, there’s a proven increase in customer retention and lifetime value.


On-time pickup


Customer satisfaction

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How do our products get from the customer's doorstep back to our warehouse?

First, your customers schedule their pickup time when completing their return or exchange. Next, the day before their scheduled pickup, they will receive a text from Veho reminding them that their pickup is scheduled for the next day. The day of, they will receive a 4 hour window for their scheduled pickup. Once the Veho driver successfully completes the pickup, they deliver the items back to a Veho warehouse where they are scanned and labeled with your return to carrier label. Veho then passes the return off to the appropriate carrier to complete the process.

Which carrier do you use for delivery at our warehouse?
What is the average transit time of the goods from the customer to our warehouse?
What markets does Veho currently service?
Are there any restrictions to the items you will pick up?
How does Veho source & hire their drivers?
What time of day does Veho complete doorstep pickups?

Customer Support

How do I ensure my products are protected during the returns process?

Our drivers will place your items in a sealed polybag when they complete the pickup and then apply a Veho QR code to the package to associate the items with your return. Our warehouse teams then scan the QR code and label it appropriately so it makes it back safely to its final destination.

Do customers need a printer?
How does the driver confirm they are picking up the right items?
If a customer schedules a pickup with Veho and later needs to change their day, what do they do?
If one of our customers reaches out to Veho via text, how quickly can they expect a response?
If a customer reaches out to the merchant reporting an issue with a Veho pickup, how should the merchant respond?
What happens if a customer forgets to leave their package out for the Veho driver to pick up?
What communication will our customers receive directly from Veho?
Can a customer switch their return method if they change their mind?


How much does the service cost us and our customers?

Veho charges $6/doorstep pickup to the merchants. Merchants have the ability to set the fee they want to charge customers for this service within the loop portal. Most merchants set this fee at $6 so the cost of Veho is net $0 for the merchant. With a $6 fee, loop merchants have seen on average 40% of customers selecting Veho doorstep pickups versus the standard Box and Ship It return method.

How do customers pay the fee?
Are there any surcharges on the Veho pickup cost?

Contracting & Terms of Service

Will we be signing a contract for a set time duration?

There is no minimum time requirement associated with the service. If you or your customers are unsattisfied with the service at any point, you can simply deactivate Veho as a return method in the loop portal.

How does invoicing work?
What payment methods do you accept for the weekly invoices?

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